Adaptive website techniques are superior in terms of addressing e-commerce needs. It provides a very flexible approach that focuses on optimizing any aspects of your website’s UX that might boost conversion rate on mobile.

Ecommerce platform can be built with Megento on open source technology which provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the stock, customer and functionality of their online store. Megento is the most popular and feature-rich open source platform in the world so we can build any type of E-Commerce websites to fulfill customer requirements.

We can sell anything easily by plugin Woocommerce technology in e-commerce projects. It is evolving to be the most popular WordPress ecommerce plugin. We at JPG Designs, can offer any type of ecommerce website with this technology. Our products are unique, unlike any other Woo-Commerce webpage. It can devoid you of the common template feel.

We can manage all your product versions with PrestaShop and go even further by suggesting products on your store that can be completely customized.

Visiting websites through mobile phone is habitual in today’s world. If your website does not give provision to view on mobile devices we can help you improvise on it. We incorporate into modern-day browsers to enhance mobile friendly through amazing features like automated modifications of font size and touch to zoom. We are using WordPress Mobile plugins, Drupal Mobile Plugins, Joomla Mobile Plugins Etc.


E-commerce business is reaching heights in the digital world. E-commerce is carrying out a business by means of internet. It’s not just about only buying and selling products. Marketing, developing and servicing are also a part of it. We can build advanced ecommerce systems which are reliable, secure and user-friendly. We have a proficient team of members who have intense knowledge in assorted E-commerce technologies like Magento, MS commerce server and much more.