Fabricating a stand alone software that is reliable and efficacious is all that we marvel in.

We are capable of executing projects of any volume and complexity with its competence across Microsoft .NET technologies. We have sizable experience in .NET Development Technologies like ASP.net, VB.net, C#, MVC architecture, and WCF. We have a team of .net professionals who can implement MVC(Model View Controller) pattern to develop dynamic, easily-maintainable and lightweight applications with user interfaces. Since the mobile traffic is getting very high, we create sophisticated mobile web versions of existing websites that can easily integrate with several other platforms.

We can build high quality application with open source by having lesser hardware costs. It doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets and stay on the cutting edge while working with the software that is more transparent and secure than proprietary alternatives.
Most people are familiar with popular content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and the like. While these solutions may work for some applications, it is important to be aware that one size doesn't always fit all scenarios!. We are offering CMS to meet the above requirements.
An ERP application is a data management tool that allows viewing and sharing data to optimize and automate basic business operations. Contrary to the popular belief that ERP software is suitable only for large organizations, even small and medium businesses can benefit from using customized ERP solutions. Such systems have a modular architecture and can be modified as business changes, following the increasing complexity. Often we come across situations where companies from SME sector that has the need to reduce costs, abandons the idea of developing an ERP application from scratch. Instead, they proceed to modernize the existing software solution by adding custom-made modules that implement missing features.

We collaborate with technology to create applications that are efficient, user-friendly and upto the market trend. JPG DESIGNS can develop apps that are completely detail oriented which benefits every customer.

JPG DESIGNS can develop apps that relentlessly work across all devices and platforms. The apps we bring into existence are in par with technology and market trends. Android mobile app development is one of our benchmark service.
We can create and deliver in browser experience which supports videos and geolocation services. It also includes touch features amongst the other benefits.
JPG DESIGNS can create powerful process based application to meet expectations in everyday business requirement. We can build cross-platform web based apps, establish real time data synchronise with web sockets. We can also build a fast and reliable back end along with secure IoT infrastructure.
We at JPG DESIGNS are liable to do the necessary changes in the apps. Day to day updates is required for most of the business. Companies that run multiple software programs may need changes in design, content or any technical revisions in regular intervals. We are committed to help you with all the amendments.
AR kit solutions can be arrived through API integration. Our iOS app development professionals are equipped to meet the high expectations and anxieties of an iOS user.
PHONEGAP Development enables to create a mobile application just once which can be logically deployed across iPhone, Android, Windows and others. Using this method, your application gets an exposure to a larger audience. It makes the mobile application user friendly, more compatible and deliver high performance
Creating a layout that is neat and quick to access is vital in a webpage. We customize the user interface and user experience design based on the client’s preference. We make sure that our designs are user-friendly, aesthetic and legible
We can have web pages with fixed content. We can code these types of web pages to display the same pages for the visitors. The content can be delivered to the end user without having to be created, modified or processed. Creating a simple and elegant static website is the eminent way to attract your prospective online clients.
Today’s generation demands a mobile friendly web design. Dynamic websites plays major role in fulfilling the client’s requirement as they need frequent changes. We can create dynamic websites that can be loaded with numerous features. We can also generate a website with user logins or database access to proceed with Content Management Systems (CMS).
It is an essential to create websites that are responsive and renders effortlessly on all the mobiles irrespective of their screen size. At JPG DESIGNS we can meet all your needs with the team of veterans in web development.
We can provide an ultimate makeover to your website which includes vital particularities like Joomla and CMS. In order to stay relevant and continue to attract customers, changes are needed from time to time. To keep up the traffic and customer base, certain customers may need a revamped design. We can provide you with samples from which u can choose from.

We create a design to build your business. Using web design is a best practice, every site created by Graphically Speaking is enhanced for audience conversion. We have experienced designers who can fulfill our customer requirements with no delay in time.

Adaptive website techniques are superior in terms of addressing e-commerce needs. It provides a very flexible approach that focuses on optimizing any aspects of your website's UX that might boost conversion rate on mobile.
Ecommerce platform can be built with Megento on open source technology which provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the stock, customer and functionality of their online store. Megento is the most popular and feature-rich open source platform in the world so we can build any type of E-Commerce websites to fulfill customer requirements.
We can sell anything easily by plugin Woocommerce technology in e-commerce projects. It is evolving to be the most popular Wordpress ecommerce plugin. We at JPG Designs, can offer any type of ecommerce website with this technology. Our products are unique, unlike any other Woo-Commerce webpage. It can devoid you of the common template feel.
We can manage all your product versions with PrestaShop and go even further by suggesting products on your store that can be completely customized.
Visiting websites through mobile phone is habitual in today’s world. If your website does not give provision to view on mobile devices we can help you improvise on it. We incorporate into modern-day browsers to enhance mobile friendly through amazing features like automated modifications of font size and touch to zoom. We are using Wordpress Mobile plugins, Drupal Mobile Plugins, Joomla Mobile Plugins Etc.
ecommerce website

E-commerce business is reaching heights in the digital world. E-commerce is carrying out a business by means of internet. It’s not just about only buying and selling products. Marketing, developing and servicing are also a part of it. We can build advanced ecommerce systems which are reliable, secure and user-friendly. We have a proficient team of members who have intense knowledge in assorted E-commerce technologies like Magento, MS commerce server and much more.

We can do content maintenance or content update for your website cost effectively. We can manage your web content, provide monthly maintenance services and we will ensure that your site is functioning with current updates.
We can do product updates like adding, changing or even deleting a product in your E-Commerce Site. Price changes, adding the features of a product, offer details of the day/week/month can also be done in product updates.
We are offering online scheduled automatic backup services with frequent intervals in which the tasks will be performed automatically. Also we are restoring backups at any time.
Primarily, business owners had a blog distinct from their websites. Now both can be assimilated for making it easier to manage and visitors to access. Many business owners use blogging platform like WordPress, for both their site and blog. As blogging has grown in ease and popularity, we can even update the blog lumped in with social media because visitors can leave comments and interact with the blog owner. The very nature of blogging makes them ideal for marketing since they provide new content to draw people back, and offer a way for consumers and businesses to interact.

Our website maintenance programs ensures that your site is always current and your project stays within the budget. In order to get optimum benefit of the online marketing, we need to constantly update your web sites with content and images.

There are different types of domain registrations that accommodates varied types of businesses. Some web hosting companies will build your entire web site, while others will just give you the conspiracy of land and the shovel and leave you to it.
Our Domain transfer service gives you access to experience different registries and registrars, and our knowledge of what obstacles can occur. We can take you through each and every step of the processes. We can help you through the whole process of transferring your domains from other registrars, so you can manage them all under the same control panel. Every registry and registrar has its own requirements and carefully overseeing the transfer process is essential.
Currently, many companies wants to reduce the number of servers that they manage by consolidating data centres and moving to SaaS wherever possible. We are ready to host or manage your Linux server, we can combine server, storage and network services to create an integrated solution which will meet your requirements. You can count on us an extension of your IT department. We have experienced people to configure, secure and manage your needs.
WordPress is a popular open source content management software. Our optimized WordPress Hosting is specifically designed to boost your website performance with enhanced security, scalable technology and automated updates.
Irrespective of the size of your business, reaching out for the client will be the foremost priority. We can help your product and facilities to be in limelight at most reasonable price which you cannot even imagine. Our services ranges from setting up the website, server management and security supervision
Information security is essential to conduct business online and it’s a primary requirement. Running a successful business online requires high internet security, for that we are provide all the essential support to get SSL Certificate. Customer need to feel confident that their personal information and their secret numbers are safe from hackers. We offer SSL certificates to meet the online business requirement.

We do domain hosting for individuals and companies. Domain hosting is widely used along with Web Hosting. We offer both services in a single package. Whereas domain names can be hosted by themselves or in conjunction with Website hosting, email hosting and game hosting.



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