JPG DESIGNS helps you create an unique module to establish your products among the customer. Our detailed market study helps you to evolve and take a leap forward everyday. Anything out of the box always catches the attention first. We are here to serve you with strategies that are going to be a sure shot.
Who wants to be normal when you can be a rockstar? Give us the insights about your products and we will create magics. Oh, we are good at tongue twisters if all that you are worried about is the naming. We make sure to nail it right at the target customer by cr eating phenomenal designs and layouts.
  • Descriptive Names
  • Acronyms - abbreviation
  • Invented Names - Made-up words
  • Experiential Names - Based on Experience the brand delivers
  • Short & Simple , easy to remember
  • Have a .com domain Name
We create logos that people hush-hush about to find out what it depicts. We set the seal on to turn every head in town to the eccentric designs we curate. You can keep your expectations high and we are going to exceed it in the every single output we provide.
  • Lettermarks or monogram logose
  • Wordmarks or logotypese
  • Pictorial marks or Logo Symbolse
  • Abstract Logose
  • Mascotse
  • Combination Logose
Putting across how a product works is truly a tricky business. Keeping it simple and significant is all that we need. We can formulate the guidelines that are easy as a pie which anyone can get the hang of. Our team is entitled to cater the culminating content to set your guidelines.
  • Appropriate Logo Use
  • Colour Palette
  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Design System
  • Photography / Graphics
Chirpy and refreshing looks are the promises from our end we make to every customer. We make sure our layouts are one of a kind and grabs you all the attention. We generate designs that are up to the trend, classy and never goes out of fashion, just like the polka dots.
  • Brand Story - Mission, Vision, Personality, Values
  • Visual Style
  • Imagery
  • Voice & Tone
  • Employee Behaviour
Every business needs a revamp at some point, just like the girl next door who decided to get a pixie cut. Want to turn the table upside down? Want to make changes that are subtle yet noticeable? Rebranding does not shift your purpose, it adds new insight, captures new attention. You name it , we recreate it. Take the chill pill and relax as we work for your transformation.
  • Keep the logo, Shift the look
  • add messaging and update colours
  • update and retain visual connection
  • Adopting a Holistic Strategy
We are the bunch of Sherlocks who have mastered the knack of getting datas even from the strangest corners of the Earth. We can provide you with the legit and authentic stats about various elements that you would need to enhance your business.
  • Purpose, People, Positioning
  • Brand Awareness, Perception, Associations & Loyalty
  • Building the critical Brand touchpoints
  • Research brands within your industry niche

Creating an identity for oneself is no joke. But you can just take the popcorn and Netflix when we are around. We ensure that your brand has something quirky for people to rave about. We promise to provide ideas that can make your company unique and flamboyant.

The simplest way to etch your brand into the minds of customers are through logos. The logo designs we bring into existence are exclusive, smashing and the show stoppers. We promise to give you logos that has a wow factor and are absolute head turners.

Be it the promotions or product descriptions, we can optimise all your thoughts into a single sheet or a bunch of it. You name it, We do it!! We are the one stop shop for all your printing needs.
  • Business Cards, Letterheads
  • Stationary Items
  • Mugs, Bags
  • Envelopes, pamphlets
  • Greeting & Postcards
  • Front Cover Design
Occasions may come and go, but we will be your constants for all the designings and executions. We can customise all things essential for your promotional needs, right from billboards to brochures.
  • Banners, Posters
  • Magazine layouts & Newspaper Ads
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Emailers, Newsletters
  • Flyers, Invites
  • Publication Design
  • Social Media Posters
Do not belittle the saying, Picture speaks a thousand words. We can convert all your thoughts into a single image which portrays all about your company, products and other specialties that you own.
  • Timeline Infographics
  • Statistical Infographics
  • Process & How to - Infographics
  • Comparison Infographics
  • List - Infographics
  • Geographical Infographics
We believe in being quientenssial when it comes to representing your business. Brochures and catalogues are the widespread medium of taking the business to every nook and corner. We are sure that you would be smitten with our designs.
  • Company, Sales, Spec, Brochures
  • Bi Fold Brochure - A4, A3
  • Trifold Brochures - A4, A3
  • Menu Cards
  • Flyers - A4, A3
  • Creative Brochures
Keeping it up to the trend, making it fashionable and a style statement is all that we recon with when it comes to designing a t-shirt. Advertising your products through a t-shirt is truly contemplative strategy. (Promoting or Brand Attire)

Our team has mastered the art of putting your insights and pictures together and transform them into a fascinating image. We are bound to keep our designs minimal, eye-catchy and descriptive. We will be your go to place for all things unique and out of the box.

usage of resources. We provide you with the top notch packaging analytics. It helps you not only with better revenue, but also with better marketing values. Analytic datas that we provide are accurate and auth entic.- can be removed.
  • Clarity & Simplicity
  • Readability
  • Honest depiction
  • Authenticity
  • Practicality
Do you want to go through a gastronomic delight just by looking at the package ? Then we are the ones whom you could blindly believe to create it. Highlighting the goodness is a witty idea when it comes down to a food package. People are always on the lookout for key ingredients..
  • Metal Containers
  • Plastic Bottles & Tubs
  • Polyethylene Covers, Wraps
  • Paper Cups & Cones
We are here to bring up designs that will be of epitome of simplicity, informative and durable.
  • Juice
  • Ice Creams
  • Dairy Products
  • Soups
  • Cool Drinks
When the products within are used for beautifying, our designs are beauty by themselves. We are sure you would adore them before taking a plunge into the product
  • Airless Bottles
  • Sprayers
  • Jars
  • Tubes
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Tottle Bottles
Our designs are sure to make your cartons look like they are holding a fortune. All that a carton box needs is a basic and legible design so that we can keep the expectations high for customer to stay curious about what is inside until they open it.
  • Creative Gift Boxes
  • Mailer Boxes
  • Delivery Box Design
As you take every sip of the beverage, you will keep falling for the captivating design that the drink comes in. Wanna have a package that a customer wants to recycle and use ? Then we are always here to create such designs. We guarantee to take your products far ahead through our designs.
  • Glass bottles
  • PET bottles, Jars
  • Tins
  • Tetra Packs
  • However worthy our products are, presenting them the optimum way will warrant to reach a huge sellout. We are living in the millennium where whole world is going all Gaga about eco-friendly options for packaging. We have umpteen options for sustainable methods of packaging. Our options are not only light on the earth, but also doesn’t burn your pockets.



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